A Letter from the Owner

A Letter From the Owner

I was recently asked by one of our OEM surplus suppliers, “what’s special about The Berns Company?”

At first, I was going to answer this in my usual way; that our customers come to us to buy OEM products at deep discounts and re-manufactured products that are the highest quality in the industry. But as I took a moment to think about it, I realized that what really makes Berns so different is that every person you speak to has over 20 years experience, and they all enjoy offering lots of friendly advice.

Our employees have fun competing with one another to see who can help the fellow with the “orange forklift”. This fellow doesn’t know the make, model or serial number of his forklift, and more often than not this fellow has been sent to us by an OEM. The competition just does not know how to help and, quite frankly, is not interested in helping. I find this friendly internal competition to help inspiring.

Of course, adding to this value is the fact that 95% of our new surplus consists of original equipment excess inventories and is priced at half the usual cost. Customers are pleased when they receive CAT parts in CAT boxes, Timken bearings in Timken boxes and a couple hundred other OEM product lines supplied this same way.

Special wishes are more than welcome. They are the essence of Berns’s customer relationship concept.

For example:

You have an attachment ring gear: the teeth are broken and you have been told that you need a new one. The cost is $3500 from anywhere else. We re-machine the teeth, sell it for $750 and supply a warranty.

You have a $5000 Toyota control valve and have been informed that it is too worn out to be rebuilt. We machine new over-sized spools, grind, fix seals, rebuild, pressure test the valve, then send it back out to you with a one-year warranty, at perhaps a quarter of the price of a new valve.

What can we get you? That’s all we need to know, and we will do our best to fill your need.

Thank you,

Steven Berns