Taylor Models Serviced

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Taylor Forklift Models Serviced 

Large Capacity Forklift Trucks, Container Handling Forklift Trucks, Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks, Lumber & Plywood Forklift Trucks, Machinery Moving Forklift Trucks, Rigger Forklift Trucks, Big Tire Lift Trucks, 4-Wheel Drive Forklift Trucks,  Cushion Tire Forklift Trucks, Reach Stackers, Log Stackers, Narrow Isle Forklift Trucks 
The Berns Company stocks OEM Products from Axle-Tech International, Rockwell, Meritor, Clark, Carlisle, Charlynn, Timken and many others for 

Drive Axle Parts, Steering Drive Axle Parts, Brake Parts, Rebuilt Differentials, Allison & Clark Transmission & Converter Parts,

Good Used Cummins, Perkins & Detroit Engine Parts,

New & Good Used Forks


TX-160 TX-175 TX-180S TX-200S TX-220S TX-250S
TX-250M TX-280S TX-280M TX-300S  TX-300M TX-330S
 TX-330SL  TX-330M  TX-360M TX-360L TX-160 TX-175
TX180S TX-200S   TX-160 TX-175 TX-180S TX-200S
TX-220S  TX-250S  TX-250M TX-280S  TX-280M TX-300S
 TX-300M TX-330S  TX-330SL  TX-330M  TX-360M TX-360L
T-360M T-400M T-450S T-450M  T-520S T-650S
TXH-300L TXH-300KS TXH-350L TXH-350KS TXH-370M TXH-400L
T-520M T-650L TX-520M TX-550M TX650L TX-700L
TE-800S TE-800L TE-900S/X  TE-925S T-1100 T-1200
  TX4-300   TX4-360  TXB-180S TXB-200S  TXB-250M TXB-300L
 TX-550RC TX-4030  T-550RR THC-250S  THC-300S THC-400L
THC-400LO THC-500L XC-180S  XC-180SL XC-200S XC-200SL
XC-220S XC-220SL  XC-250M XC-250ML XC-300M XC-300ML
TECSP-157/8 TECTS-198/9 TECDS-150H TXLC-974 TXLC-975 TXLC-976
TXTCP-900 TS-9972  TS-9985 TS-1068 TLS-800 TLS-900
TLS-1000 TT-300  PTX-550 TN-520S